Evergreen View Modern

A well worn and comfy mountain house needed renewing, without disrupting the family's love of the getaway home.

This was one big, dark, voluminous space. The family has owned this vacation house for many years.  It was looking worn and dated.  An entire gut and renovation was in order, while keeping the memories of the nearly grown children intact.  A giant new dormer was added to the Great Room.  The dark space above the kitchen was filled with a floating structure to house the lighting.  Bathrooms and hallways were reconfigured.  And a Bunk Room was added.  Though there are enough bedrooms for all, everyone seems to end up here.  New and fresh, it took a while for everyone to get onboard.  Everyone's loving it!

Deer Valley, Utah
Room Types
Bunk Room
Dining Room
Great Room
Living Room
Master Bedroom

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